Online Check-in

GotSport Online Check-in!

  1. Prior to uploading your documents, check the Documentation Requirements for Online Check-In below for documents you may need to download first.
  2. To upload documents required for check-in, please follow these directions at this link.
  3. Once you have downloaded all of your documents, please hit the notify Button in the top right.  This tells us you have uploaded all of your information and are ready to be checked in.

  4. After the registration team reviews, if all is good you will see a  Registration Complete  in the Info tab of the event under team registrations. Look for Event Organization Flags section (see example below). If you are missing something or there is an issue with a document you will see a  Registration Incomplete  and will also receive an email with the issue stated.

How to Add/Clone Rosters

To add or clone rosters, you will need to be a coach, manager or club administrator. If you are unable to add or clone your roster, please contact your club administrator. Here is the link for cloning rosters.


If you have any questions about this after receiving the email, you can contact: